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What's keeping Recruitment Marketers up at Night?

about 4 years ago

The Talent Attraction Channel

Hosted by Steve Ward & Clair Bush with special guest: Simon Lewis, MD of OnlyMarketingJobs.com & On the Edge Marketing Events

The Talent Attraction Channel, on RecruiterZone, launched on the 12 March in a new format, with host Steve Ward, head of staffing agency solutions for CandidateID, joined by Clair Bush, marketing consultant founder of AM-Bush. The recruitment marketing experts are co-hosting a series of growth marketing webcasts. Each fortnight they will be joined by thought leaders, practitioners and industry experts to cover a number of essential and business critical topics for Recruitment Agency Marketing professionals.

For the first webcast, Clair & Steve were joined by Simon Lewis, managing director at OnlyMarketingJobs.com who was fresh from hosting On the Edge Digital, a recruitment marketing conference.

Simon kicked off the conversation with a summary of what were the key takeaways from the event. High on the list of hot topics were automation and AI, data and measuring a return on investment, and from a content perspective, video is the new ‘black’.

Discussing the adoption of the latest tech trends, the trio agreed that a recruitment marketers role is increasingly important. Clair suggested that having a marketer sat at the top table is actually essential for agencies competing as cold calling recruitment techniques are just not sustainable and that a smarter, demand generation strategy is the most obvious route forward.

A demand gen strategy sits on top of a marketing automation technology and utilises your website as the hub (top of the funnel), so contacts can engage directly with your business and brand. For agencies, marketers creating content and distributing it via various channels, promoting via social and supporting recruiters to build long-term relationships with both candidates and clients, can create a ROI which should be far superior than a recruiter using traditional methods. The investment in marketing tech is as important to the modern agency as having a CRM in place.

This led to a discussion about what and how can marketers illustrate the value they can bring. Key metrics such as open rates and share rates on content only go so far. Steve mentioned that he believes the big picture is more about cultural alignment and how seriously the marketing function is perceived. Simon agreed but suggested that he didn’t see much of an issue there, with the digital marketing recruitment agencies he works closely with having deep roots in marketing best practice.

The conversation then came back to the quality of data. If an agency is market-led, then there will be a solid data reporting mechanism at the foundation. Again, using the right technology,  marketers will be monitoring channels for patterns and behaviour, which tally to the personas of their target markets. The data will inform strategies for attraction, content, events and engagement. Great marketers will use technology to enable them to work faster, and make smarter decisions.

In conclusion, the three marketing experts agreed that the industry is on the tipping point and that the role of marketer within the recruitment agency industry is increasingly vital. But, marketers need to step up and out, push for space to be creative and do their best to educate and inform recruiters of the benefits of adopting marketing principles and practice.

What would you add? Are you a recruitment marketer with a specific issue keeping you up at night? Feel free to connect and let Clair, Steve or Simon – they would be more than happy to help where they can.

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