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GDPR for Recruitment Marketers

about 4 years ago

Episode 2: GDPR for Recruitment Marketers

The Talent Attraction Channel, Hosted by: Steve Ward & Clair Bush
Guest: Billy McDiarmid, Head of Client Success CandidateID

Welcome to the Talent Attraction Channel webcasts where Steve Ward and Clair Bush co-host a series of growth marketing webcasts. This week’s subject is GDPR for Recruitment Marketers and Billy McDiarmid, head of client success at CandidateID joins the hosts to provide some really useful advice and practical steps to create opportunities from the forthcoming new legislation.

>> Playback the webcast here

Please note: This isn’t another scaremongering, period drama about GDPR. This conversation between three professional marketers (not lawyers), provides a number of practical hints and tips about what you can do now to ensure your business is providing the best possible candidate experience.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of the questions and answers from the webcast:

“So, should we be running for the hills?”

Definitely not. As recruitment business leaders and heads of marketing within agencies, there are a number of things you can do, but hiding under the table isn’t one of them. Billy starts the conversation with advice straight from the UK’s Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which is that they have issued statements that they aren’t about enforcement, but focused on providing guidance, support and training. They want the recruitment industry to put the protection of individuals data at the top of their agenda’s and to find opportunities in the new legislation, not try and find ways around it. It’s all about working with the spirit of GDPR.

“What do we need to stop doing in recruitment?”

 The advice here is to know what data you have, on all systems (technical & on paper!). Talk and engage with people within your databases and you should be already, by current Data Protection standards, provide the opportunity to opt out. The new standards will also mean that you will need to provide an audit of an individual’s data, through your hands. GDPR is all about transparency, specific use of data and granularity of consent.

Candidate communications and engagement now, more than ever need to be as transparent as possible. Using best practices principles, you will need to look at what you are doing with the data you have collected, processed and stored.

“What about the data I have on my CRM? Should I start worrying about every contact I’ve ever collected data on?”

Billy’s advice is that you need to take a long hard look at the data and the reason why you have the information stored in the first place. Have you ever done anything with the contact information? When was the last time you engaged with that candidate? Data that isn’t up-to-date is also another element of the GDPR standards – you now have to maintain the accuracy of the data you hold too. Review and clean up the candidate data you hold and delete it if there’s no relationship there. “Would the candidate be surprised to hear from you?” This is the test that Billy suggests is a great way to clean up the data you are holding.

“How frequently should I engage with candidates?”

Basically, this depends of the type of agency you have and the processes that you follow. The total addressable market that you realistically want to keep in touch with is always going to be smaller than you think. You need to work out how effective a recruiter can be, using the technology you have available in terms of engaging with candidate. Be realistic and mindful of why and what types of contact you are adding to the recruiter’s day to day operations.

“How can I ensure that my service and systems providers are GDPR compliant too?”

Talk to your suppliers and ask what policies, processes and procedures they have in place for GDPR and general data protection. Put yourself in the shoes of a disgruntled candidate and ask for your data to be presented. How easy is it to extract specific data from your systems? What are the procedures you would follow, should there be a data breach? What steps and assurances can your suppliers provide you with?

You should also look end-to-end of the recruitment process – from attraction to placement and figure out what data you have and why you hold it. For example, be mindful of storage of passport details, references etc. Who has access to this content and why? Should this data be removed from the contact record, or if not, how is it being stored?

“We’re only a few months away. Should we really try and get compliant now, or wait until after the GDPR launch?”

Yes, start now if you care about the privacy and the protection of the individuals that you represent and provide an experience to. Do the basics well and be pragmatic:

·       Audit your data and remove those contacts that you don’t know or haven’t engaged with your firm

·       Regularly engage with candidates who are part of your community and talent pool

·       Give candidates the opportunity to update their details as well as opt out of communications with you

·       Train your staff to competently and empathetically handle data access requests

·       Ensure you have policies and procedures documented and visible for anyone interacting with your business

·       Check your suppliers uphold the same standards as you

And, it goes without saying, but you need to know your way through and around the implications of GDPR and the effect it can have on the candidate experience you provide.

We work in a highly personalised industry, where data protection will be front of mind for many following the 25th May deadline. As a recruiter, you have a number of opportunities presenting themselves to you and by harnessing the spirit of GDPR, you can provide an excellent candidate experience.

Billy has crafted a great Playbook for GDPR which you can download here. You can (and definitely should) listen to the whole web cast here and let us know if you have any questions which we may be able to help with!

The Talent Attraction Strategy: Growth Marketing Series is sponsored by CandidateID.


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